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Fond O' Cheese

> Allgäuer Bergkäse
> Bavarian Emmentaler
> Heinrichsthaler Bierkäse
> Kärntner Rahmkäse
> Kräuterschatz
> Mölltaler Almkäse
> Mölltaler Almkäse Selektion
> Waldviertler Farmhouse Klassisch
> Waldviertler Farmhouse Selchkäse




There is a unique double ripening process used to make this great cheese. First fermentation ripening with propionic cultures to form the large eyes. Then surface ripening with red cultures to bring out the distinct flavor. This cheese stands out in the case with the eye-catching burlap cover. The top of the wheel is rounded which comes from the natural maturation.
Very different - very tasty.