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Mölltaler Almkäse Aged 6 months

Mölltaler Almkäse Aged 6 months

Crafted from alpine cow's milk from small farms in Carinthia (Kärnten), Austria. Mölltaler Almkäse is cared for with special ripening cultures for 6 months based on old traditional recipes. Its history comes from the alpine cheese huts (Alms) of the Mölltal (a picturesque mountain region in Austria). It has a full flavor with a hint of spice and a dense, silky, semi-hard texture. Cows graze on pristine high mountain pastures adjacent to Austrian national preserves. Mainly grass and grass hay fed, a small amount of GMO free grain fed on the coldest days in winter. RBST and GMO free. There is also a 12 month old version.