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Heinrichsthaler Bierkäse
Das Original aus Radeberg

Heinrichsthaler Bierkäse

In 1880 Mrs. Agathe Zeis founded the Lehrmeierei Heinrichsthal. She started the company as a school to educate the daughters of the surrounding farms in cheese making, and in the process grew the company into a prosperous enterprise. Today Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke is a medium sized cooperative with over 130 years of cheese making experience. Located in the city of Radeberg in the heart of Saxony, Germany, tucked between Dresden and the Elbe Valley, the dairy lays in the quaint valley called the Heinrichsthal (thal = valley).

Legend has it, that this Bierkäse is based on an old recipe that dates back to the 1900's. The master cheese maker adds Radeberger beer to the cheese mixture. The beer and special cheese cultures allow the Heinrichsthaler Bierkäse to develop a yeasty, complex flavor. It has its own wonderful savory personality. The consistency is semi-hard and a touch buttery.

Small barrel shaped forms are used for the Heinrichsthaler Bierkäse. After ripening, each little barrel is covered with a black wax ripening coat. It hugs each cheese-barrel, protects it and allows the ripening process to continue. The master cheese maker advises to remove this coat only shortly before enjoying the Heinrichsthaler Bierkäse.