FOND O' FOODS - Naturally good food you can be fond of!

Fond O' Cheese

We are so fond of cheese! After all, it runs in our blood.

Our cheeses are traditionally handmade by experienced cheese makers taking great pride in their craft - the art of cheese making.
We get the milk from small farms, where the cows AND SHEEP still have names. Our farmers care for the environment, the fauna and flora.
The traditional craftsmanship combined with the wholesome milk leads to the production of cheeses with unique character.

> Allgäuer Bergkäse
> Bavarian Emmentaler
> Heinrichsthaler Bierkäse
> Kärntner Rahmkäse
> Kräuterschatz
> Mölltaler Almkäse
> Mölltaler Almkäse Selektion
> Moosbacher
> Waldviertler Farmhouse Klassisch
> Waldviertler Farmhouse Selchkäse


Our cheeses go very well with our hearty whole grain sourdough bread - Fond O' Grains.