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Bavarian Emmentaler

Bavarian Emmentaler


Great Quality - Great Value - it's not just your basic swiss. Rich, wholesome, hormone-free Bavarian cow's milk puts this swiss above the rest. It nurtures your body and delights your palate. Bavarian Emmentaler is very versatile and pleases a wide range of cheese aficionados. It offers a mild nutty, sweet bite with a balanced finish.

Serving Suggestions
Great as a snack with apples, pears and crunchy vegetables. Try it piled high on your ham or Rueben sandwich. Excellent cubed in salads. Delicious melted on your favorite burger, chicken or steak. Wonderful in quiche or fondue. From Bavaria to your table!

Wonderful with a refeshing glass of German beer, or a full bodied red or white wine.

Certified NON GMO