FOND O' FOODS - Naturally good food you can be fond of!

Fond O' Grains

Whole Grain Sourdough Bread from Germany. All Natural.

We are fond of whole grains. Our whole grain breads are lovingly handmade with natural sourdough. A family owned bakery in Germany, the town-baker, with three generations of bread making experience, makes this bread for us.

Ready to enjoy! Just pop the lid! All natural!


Classic Rye

Sunflower Seed


Fond O' Grains are whole grain breads made with three-leavened natural sourdough. This is an art not every baker can or is willing to master these days. The slow leavening process makes our bread easier digestible and therefore more wholesome for you. Uniquely our breads are baked as a whole loaf in a tin without any preservatives. They are all natural. That's something, when you think you can take this wholesome loaf of bread practically anywhere. Keep a few loaves on your boat, in your vacation home, in your RV. Take it on a hike, to the beach, you name it. They are even tropical safe. Yes it's obvious, we are fond of the outdoors too. Fond O' Grains - it goes a long way.


Once you open your Fond O' Grains, you will need to handle them just like fresh bread and enjoy them within a few days.

Fond O' Grains come in three hearty varieties: classic rye, sunflower seed and hazelnut.

...and it's really good with Fond O' Cheese...