FOND O' FOODS - Naturally good food you can be fond of!

About us

Fond O' Foods is your source for selected, handmade specialties from the high mountains to the seashores of Germany and beyond. We strive to import great tasting food, made from pure ingredients in a natural and harmonious environment. We believe food nurtures not only our bodies, but also our souls. It is an event to be together, to share and enjoy.

Our enthusiasm and passion for cheeses and naturally good food is well known, combined with our dedication to provide outstanding service.

Birgit Bernhard has been in the specialty cheese business for many years. She grew up in the rustic, beautiful high mountains of Southern Germany, savoring the good, healthy food this pristine region has to offer. Birgit still keeps strong ties to her native homeland, which provides the perfect foundation to bring selected specialties to her chosen home, the United States of America.

You can read about us also in the San Francisco Chronicle. To view the article kindly click here.

Fond O' Foods - Naturally good food you can be fond of.